Holiday-inspired Sideways Ruffian with Quick How-To!

The holiday season is in full swing so I figured it was time to bust out my festive colors. It's funny that I don't celebrate Christmas but I love holiday nail art! This ruffian was really quick and easy to do. I will be posting simple designs leading up to the holidays that will be easy to replicate.

Tools used:

None. Just used the bottle brushes!

Polish used:

Revlon Emerald

Revlon Gold Coin

KB Shimmer Clearly on Top


Start by painting the nails with two coats of your gold polish. Once dry take you green polish and using the bottle brush, apply to the side of your nail creating a gentle curve that leaves part of the gold exposed. Depending on how opaque your green is you may need two or three coats to make sure the gold doesn't show through. Apply top coat and you're all done!

I will extend the mani for another day or two by adding some 18k gold top coat!