Dance Legend 328, 402, 409 and 419 Swatches & Review

I decided to take a break from my low-buy last month and take advantage of some of the great deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I picked up a few Dance Legend polishes that I'd had my eye on. I first became of fan of Dance Legend with their gorgeous Sahara Crystal line. But I think I've fallen in love with their cream polished even more! 


First up is 328, a dusky orange cream. I am one of those rare birds that loves orange polish and I despite having a fair amount in my polish collection I didn't have one quite like this. The formula was fairly decent; one thing I noticed with pretty much all of these is that a lot of polish collects on the brush. I found myself having to remove a lot before applying. But the upside of this is that it applied fairly evenly and I didn't have any streak or weird patches. I used two coats for pics.


402 is a dark purple cream. In photos the purple comes across very well but in real life but it reads almost black.  I actually purchased this color some months ago but had never swatched it so I figured now was the perfect time. The formula was the thinnest of the bunch and I did have a few issues with achieving an even application (see the streak spot on my ring finger). I would say be very careful when applying since the formula is thin to avoid flooding your cuticles. I used two coats to achieve full opacity.


409 is another one of those colors that you either love or hate. I of course love colors like this so it was a must-have for me. The formula was a bit thicker but I had no issues with application other than making sure my brush wasn't too full. I used two coats for pics but the coverage was so great that I probably could have done just one. 


And now for my favorite of the bunch, 419. A dusky light blue with a hint of a grey undertone. I almost didn't buy this one since I have a lot of light blues but it was calling my name and I am glad I listened! The formula was identical to 409; thick but manageable with great coverage. Again I used two coats but could have done one and been fine.

So what do you all think of the Dance Legend creams? I'm in love and want MOAR! 

Dance Legend is sold on the Dance Legend website  and retail for $7 for the creme polishes