Minimalist Plaid Nail Art

It's always fun to re-discover colors that you forgot you had. This week I re-discovered Revlon Timeless., a gorgeous dove gray. I bought this polish on a whim a long while ago and then completely forgot about it. The moment I put it on I thought of how great it would look with gold. Since I am currently obsessed with plaid -like I always am around this time of year - I decided to do a soft minimalist pattern.


Medium Striping Brush

Small Detailing Brush

Colors used:

Revlon Timeless

Revlon Gold Coin

Sinful Colors Snow Me White


I started with two coats of Timeless. The formula is pretty thin, but built up nicely in just two coats. Once dry I used my striping brush to apply my plaid pattern with Gold Coin. I added the "stitching" detail with my small detailing brush and Snow Me White.