Black Rose Freehand Nail Art

A sad but true fact: black roses don't actually exist in nature. Most roses that are mistaken for black are actually just a really dark red or maroon. This bums me out to no end. I would love  to be able to buy a dozen black roses. Instead I will have to settle for painting them on my nails. 


Medium striping brush

Small detailing brush

Colors used:

Elevation Polish Limestone

(base color)

Sinful Colors Black on Black

Zoya Geneviev

(mixed with white polish)

American Apparel MacArthur Park



I began with two coats of Limestone. I then used my medium striping brush to apply my black polish in small non-uniform blobs for the roses. I added dimension the roses using Zoya Geneviev mixed with some white polish and nail polish thinner. I used my small detailing brush and MacArthur Park to create the leaves.