7 Deadly Nail Sins

We all have them. Those habits that we know are bad for our us. Mine tend to be centered around sugar. Today's post are about those bad habits some of us have when it comes to our nails.


No. 7 - Not using a base coat.

This one we've all done I'm sure.  Why is base coat so important? Stains. If you love dark polish, or reds or blues a good base coat is an absolute must. It also gives you a smooth canvas to apply your polish on. At the moment I am using  KB Shimmer Basic Training Base Coat. I've been using it since the Spring and I love it. And at $5 a bottle you can't beat the price either.

No. 6 - Not using a Top Coat

Okay you saw this one coming I'm sure after Base Coat. You can't complain about your manicure not lasting if you are not using a top coat peeps!It protects your polish from chipping and gives your nails extra shine. If you do nail art a fast drying top coat is a necessity. I am currently using Basic Training's sister, KB Shimmer Clearly on Top, but there are many to choose from (you can see the long list of tip coats I've tried here) at various price points. The point is- buy one! 

No.5 - Cutting your cuticles

This one took me awhile to figure out. Before I started blogging I would go for the semi-regular manicure and they always cut my cuticles. I thought it was just what you were supposed to do. When I found out just how dangerous it was and how truly bad it is for the health of your nails I was horrified. Cutting your cuticles is a short cut that eventually comes back to bite your in the rear. Sure right after you do them they look great. But them you notice that skin around you nail bed is a bit puffy or, red, irritated. Or all of the above. That is your cuticle telling you to stop. So how do you maintain neat looking cuticles? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And push, push, push. When you wash your hands apply hand cream immediately after making sure to massage some into your cuticles. While you hands are still damp, gently (I stress this - it will be tough at first and the cuticle won't have much give if you've been cutting it for awhile) push them back with a soft cloth or an orange stick. And apply cuticle oil all the time. And then when you think you've applied enough during the day - apply some more. I've been using CND Solar Oil for a few months now after hearing great things about it and it's amazing. If your cuticles are still a bit thick try using a cuticle remover product once a week.Trust me. Your cuticles will thank you. And they will also be much healthier. And so will your nails! My nail health improved exponentially once I stopped cutting them and focused on maintaining their health.

No. 4 - Keeping Your Hands Drenched in Water All The Time

We all have to go about our daily chores: washing dishes, doing laundry... you know all the boring but necessary things that keep our loves running smoothly. I am a compulsive hand washer since I work in an office where inevitably someone is walking around sick. So what can we do? We can invest in gloves for washing our dishes and a good hand cream, that's what. Simple but makes a world of difference in the health of your nails. Have a big issue with peeling nails? Chances are your nails may be being exposed to water far too often.  

No. 3 - Naked Nails

Bare nails are vulnerable nails. They are far more prone to dryness, breaks and splits than nails with polish on them. And for all those that say nails need to breathe - they don't. Nails are dead. Plain and simple. But they do need to be protected from the daily elements. If you'd like to take a break from colored polish at least wear a base coat or nail strengthener.

No. 2 - Peeling your polish off

I admit that for a very long time this was a habit of mine. Pre-blog anyway. And even then I would still have the occasional lapse. The issue is that once my polish chipped I had the overwhelming urge to just remove all of it. Now I suffer through the chip until I get home and can remove all of it. When you peel off you polish you are peeling off the superficial layer of the nail. Which makes it thinner, weaker and more prone to breaks. 

No. 1 - Biting Your Nails

I kind of felt this one was a bit obvious and went without saying, but it is in fact the nastiest of sins when it comes to bad nail habits. I have never been a nail biter but I know people who are and their nails always look well - angry. One way I have noted has helped people I know quit this habit is to actually start doing their nails or having them done professionally. So...if you are a nail biter, try investing in some TLC for your nails. And maybe check into other outlets to get rid of the nerves that are usually the culprit of nail biting in the first place.

Were any of these sins familiar to you. I know I've been guilty of quite few!