Zoya Fall 2014 Ultra Pixie Dust Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Happy Monday all! Today I have for you the new Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust collection for Fall 2014. I am a huge Pixie Dust fan so I was really excited to try these! This collection is a trio of three saturated textured red glitters.


First up is Oswin, a true red. This is the most textured of the three. I was really impressed with how quickly it dried and how opaque it was. I used two coats for pics. Color wise I liked this more than I thought it would. I am more of a fan of vampy reds and reds with orange undertones, but I really like the way Oswin looks on.


Noir is my favorite of the trio. A dark vampy plum. I wore this almost as soon as I got it before swatching it. This one dries to a more matte finish, but it does take awhile. I took these pics a good forty minutes after I applied it and hadn't dried to the same finish as Oswin yet. I say be patient with this one - it's worth it. Once it dries completely? Amazeballs!


Last is Arianna. This one is very similar to Oswin but more a cherry red. Arianna is very peculiar. It never quite mattes and has more of a jelly-like finish. It is incredibly sheer, I used two coats and could have used a third. I like the color but was simply not that impressed with the formula.

I did learn a few tips courtesy of Zoya on application: Make sure that you do not use base coat! This is very important. And don't worry about chips - I had none when I wore Noir for a few days.

The collection is currently available for $10 a bottle on the Zoya



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