Purple and Teal Freehand Geometric Nail Art

I have been a bit obsessed with looking at wedding blogs lately. A coworker has gotten me hooked on them. Three things I have discovered since I started reading them? 1. That I hate peach bridesmaids dresses with the heat of a thousand suns. 2. People seem to have very broad views of what qualifies as "rustic", "vintage" and "whimsical" and 3. That purple and teal is a winning color combination. 

The tools:

Small detailing brush

Colors used:

Wet N' Wild Night Prowl

Butter London Slapper


I started by painting my nails with two coats Night Prowl. I then used my detailing brush to paint on the lines with Slapper. I sealed everything with a coat of KB Shimmer Clearly on Top



As you all can see I am back to my squares again. I got bored one night and cut my nails down. I've been wanting to wear more of my darker colors which I like better with my squares.