Freehand Bow Nail Art with China Glaze Conduct Yourself

I have been obsessed with bow nail art these last few days. It's all I could think of when I sat down last night to do my nails and so I decided to go with it. This also gave me a chance to use one of the new China Glaze Fall collection colors I picked up recently. 

Conduct Yourself is a dark vampy red with a hint of shimmer to it. The shimmer is pretty much invisible unless under direct light. I wish it was a tad more visible but I still love the color. The formula was really great; it applied smoothly and evenly. I used two coats for full opacity.For the bow nail art, I used Butter London Bumster and black polish with my detailing and striping brushes.I freehanded the bow shapes and then added the black polish to give the bows dimension.

So...I'm kind of in love with this color combo. I wanted bows but didn't want super girly and these colors together definitely achieves that.