China Glaze All Aboard Partial Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Monday gang. Today I have for you my picks from the Fall China Glaze All Aboard Collection. I would have been happy to buy the entire thing but I'm trying to be good so I allowed myself six picks from the 12 color collection.

First up is Lug Your Designer Luggage. The first time I saw this color I knew I had to have it. It's one of the most unique colors China Glaze has come up with in quite some time; a milk chocolate brown cream base filled with matte gold flecks. The formula has a slightly crelly-like consistency but wasn't at all sheer or patchy. I used two coats for pics. With this color I feel like you will either love it or hate it.


Next up is Conduct Yourself. I first showed this color on the blog when I used it as a base for my freehand bow nail art. I of course had to show you all what it looked like all on it's lonesome because it's gorgeous. It is a dark burgundy-red vampy with the subtlest shimmer throughout. Like -really subtle. You can kind of see it in pics and kind of see it in real life. I wish the shimmer was stronger but it's still very pretty. The formula is pretty solid- I used two coats for pics and had no issues with application.


Choo Choo Choose You is an enigma of a polish. It's not an exactly a duchorome - but almost. It's not exactly a metallic - but almost. The color is absolutely stunning though. The base color is a smoky purple/gray. The "color shift" is a gold/bronze/green. The formula is incredibly sheer, but builds up nicely. I used two coats and was able to achieve decent coverage, though I will use three coats next time I wear it.


Mind the Gap. I wanted to like this one. I really did. In swatches I had seen it looked stunning, but on me? Not so much. The formula did nothing for me either. Incredibly thin - I used three coats and I still had VNL(visible nail line) - which I hate. I don't think I would reach for this one again except perhaps for nail art.


Well Trained was a must have for me. I am a lover of teal polish so I knew this one would be on my list. And it doesn't disappoint. The formula is awesome - two effortless coats with no application issues. Definitely one of my favorites from this collection. China Glaze made one of my other all-time favorite teal polishes, Exotic Encounters. If you have that one don't worry- Well Trained is definitely not a dupe. WT is more of a true teal while EE is more dusty and muted.


Don't Get Derailed. This one snuck up on me. I was pretty meh about it in the bottle but once I put it on? Love! In fact - I daresay it may be my favorite polish of the entire collection. China Glaze describes it as an elephant grey  but nope. It definitely more of an drab olive green with grey undertones. The formula was pretty much identical to Well Trained. Two easy coats for pics.

Overall I really like this collection. I was very underwhelmed with China Glaze's Fall collection from last year so I am happy to see them step up their game this year. My personal favorites? Conduct Yourself, Well Trained and Don't Get Derailed.