Zoya Ignite Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for review

A few weeks ago I posted my review of Zoya's Fall collection of cream polishes, Entice. Today I have for you Entice's sister collection,Ignite. Ignite is a collection of rich jewel-toned metallics. Each has a gorgeous shimmer to them as well. 


 I used two coats of each polish and no top coat for all polishes.

First up is Yuna, a smoky gray with gold shimmer. I love this color! It's so  perfect for Fall. The formula was great - two easy coats with no issues. I think the warm tones of this polish would make it great for pretty much any skin tone.


Next up is Sansa. This polish is a bit of an engima color-wise. On the Zoya website it is described as eggplant with gold shimmer. It is certainly that. But in certain lights it can read olive. Very pretty any way you slice it. Once again it had a great formula. Zero issues with application.


Autumn, is a burnished copper whose name suits it perfectly. I was thoroughly prepared to hate this color. I don't generally like coppery toned metallics but this one won me over. Again, it had a great formula and I'm in love with the flecks of gold shimmer.


India is my favorite polish of this collection. A rich deep red with gold shimmer. Stu-nning! I oohhed and ahhed while applying this one. Formula-wise it identical the previous polishes. 


Remy. What can I say about Remy? It blue, it's golden, it's gorgeous. My second favorite after India in this collection. The really awesome thing about Remy is that it has both gold and copper shimmer which gives it a little sparkle that the other polishes don't have. It applied like butter as well with two coats.


Teigen is a pink cranberry with gold shimmer. Color-wise this is my least favorite polish of the collection. The formula was good, but this one applied sheerer than the others. I say if you are a pink girl you will love this one.

I am really impressed with this collection. I am not a huge metallic fan so I was preparing to feel pretty meh about it. But I love it. It has colors that I will be reaching for throughout the fall season. My top faves are India, Remy, and Yuna. Have any of you picked up this collection yet? If so what are some of your faves?

The Ignite collection is currently available on the Zoya website and retail for $9 a bottle.