31DC2014: Day 7 -Black & White

We are ending the first week of the 31 Day Challenge with today's prompt Black & White. This first week has flown by. I'm enjoying that feeling because I know that it only gets harder after today! I would characterize today's nail art as doodles. I once again sat down with no idea what I was going to do (I've been doing that a lot lately!) and played around with my black and white polish and came up with this.

I started with painting my nails with two coats of

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

. I then mixed Sinful Colors Black on Black with a little nail polish thinner and lightly brushed it across my nails, mixing in a bit of white along the way. 

 I used

American Apparel Angeline

to create my little box shapes. I lined them with my black and white and added a few squiggly lines.

This turned out very 80's- looking, which is like, so awesome. I wish I could rock it for a little while but it's the 31DC so I can't. But at least I have pictures for posterity.