31DC2014: Day 28 - Inspired by A Flag

Let me start off today's post by saying that after the Water Marble, Day 28, Inspired by A Flag is my most dreaded prompt. It's just not that interesting or inspiring for me. So for today I decided to keep things simple and not torture myself and do a simple checkered flag art design. 

Tools used:

Nail Art Brush

Born Pretty Store Round Gold Studs

Polishes used: 

Sinful Colors Black on Black & Snow Me White


I had never actually done a checkered pattern until today. I kind of winged it an just sat down with my black polish and striping brush. I am not the best at straight lines, but I am really happy with how the check pattern turned out. I decided to not do a full checkered hand look because I felt like it would have just been too much so I did two plain white accent nails with round gold studs