31DC2014: Day 20 - Water Marble

There is one prompt in the 31 day challenge that feels me with dread. Water Marble. Ahhh water marble how I hate thee. Not the end results. I often gasp in awe and wonder at some of the amazing water marble designs other bloggers come up with. I alas am not one of them. Today's design features only one water marbled nail. Is this a cop out? I assure you it is not. After two failed attempts I surrendered and altered my original design idea. 

  Tools used:

BM Plate 509

Born Pretty Store Water Decals 

Polishes used:

Zoya Ryan

American Apparel Poppy & Meteor Shower

Elevation Polish Limestone

Munda de Unas #43 stamping polish

NY & Co. Millionaire

This design isn't too far off from what I originally wanted to do. I simply modified it a bit. It just chafes a bit to know that I fought the water marble and the water marble won. Kind of.