31DC2014: Day 19 - Galaxy Nails

Late day post folks! Didn't get around to doing my nails last night so had to do them when I got home from work. Which I hate doing since it can be stressful to be on such a strict time frame. Luckily today's prompt is Galaxies. Which are some of the easiest bits of nail art you can do. I have talked about my love of galaxy nails before so there's not much more I can say about them. They're awesome.

Tools used:

Makeup Sponge 

Dotting Tool

Polishes used:

Zoya Veronica, Geneviev

Color Club Williamsburg

Sniful Colors Snow Me White

Wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope

These turned out really nicely - I daresay perhaps my favorite ones that I've ever done. You can check out some of my other galaxies here,  here, and  here to compare!