31DC2014: Day 17 - Glitter Nails

I wanted to do something that I hadn't done before today's prompt, Glitter. I first saw this technique on Chalkboard Nails. I had seen similar techniques before but Sarah's was the easiest and had the coolest result. The result of my design is more subtle but still blingy!


I started with two coats of China Glaze Bat My Eyes. I've had this polish since last year and just got around to wearing it - it's amazeballs! Such a gorgeous blackened bronze gold. I was loathe to cover it up. For the distressed part I used two colors: Sinful Colors Black on Black and Revlon Gold Coin.

The technique is really simple and quick: You take your bottle brush, wipe off the excess (I took the excess off by wiping across a piece of tissue) and brush across the nail.

I wish my photos could do this justice. In pics they look very subtle but they are far more blingy in real life!