31DC2014: Day 10 - Gradient Nails

So...yesterday I broke a nail. I got into a fight with a refrigerator door and it won. My middle nail was the casualty. These things always seem to happen at the worse possible time. After I did this...

...and mourned my broken nail I took a deep breath and chopped the other ones off. Nubbin Town has a new resident!

The great thing about nubbins is that vampy and dark polishes look amazing on them. So I decided to go with it and do a simple glitter gradient for the 31DC Day 10 prompt, Gradient.

I used two coats of Dance Legend #402 a super dark purple cream. I'm so glad the color shows up so nicely in photos because in real life it can verge on almost black. For my glitter I chose KB Shimmer Showgirl which I applied with a makeup sponge. 

Nothing groundbreaking for today's prompt. I have to admit the nail break kind of threw me for a loop, but I still like what I came up with.