Zoya Naturel Deux Collection Swatches & Review

*Press Sample
Hi all! Today I have for you the Zoya Naturel Deux collection. I did not manage to get my hands on any of the polishes from the first Naturel collection so I was really excited to try these out. The collection is made up of three brown-toned and three pink-toned neutrals. Check out my full review and swatches after the jump!
First up are the browns in the collection, Spencer,Chanelle, and Emilia. I used two coats for all pics with KB Shimmer Clearly on Top.
Spencer is a classic camel cream. I love colors like this and I actually wore Spencer for a good week when I got it. It's a perfect office neutral. The formula was a bit on the thick side which I was surprised by, but it self-leveled nicely and I didn't have any issues with streaks or dragging.
Chanelle is medium-brown cream. Again another great office neutral. This color would be great on fairer skin tones that Spencer may be too light for. The formula was great; smooth easy to apply and no streaks.
Emilia is a dusky dark brown with a jelly-ish formula. This was unfortunately my least favorite of the browns. I love brown polish but found this one to be a tad too dusky for my taste. The formula was good considering the slightly jelly-like formulas and was completely opaque with two coats. 
And now on to the pinks; Madeline, Aubrey and Marnie. I again used two coats with KB Shimmer Clearly on Top. 
First up is Madeline, a soft mauve-y rose pink. I love this color! I think it is one of those universally flattering pinks. And it doesn't feel old-fashioned like some mauves can. The formulas was fantastic with no application issues.
Aubrey is purple-toned mauve. I have to admit that I was not wowed by this color when I saw it in the bottle. It looked like just another boring mauve cream. But once I put it on? Beautiful! It's just one of those colors that look a hundreds times better on your nails than in the bottle. The formula was pretty identical to Madeline and I had no issues with application.
Marnie is another one the underwhelmed me in the bottle and stunned me on the nail. Marnie is a dusky plum cream that when sat next to Aubrey they look practically identical. Seriously. I held these two together and for a second thought I had been sent the same color twice by accident. But don't let that fool you! They look very different once on the nail. Formula-wise Marnie is identical to it's sister colors in the collection.
Overall I think this is a solid collection of office-friendly colors. My personal favorites are Spencer, Chanelle, Madeline and Marnie.  
The Naturel Deux Collection is currently available on Zoya and retails for $9 a bottle.

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