Zoya Entice Collection Swatches & Review

*Press Sample
Zoya debuted their two fall collections Entice and Ignite a few weeks ago. Entice is a gorgeous collection of warm colored cream polishes perfect for the Fall season. Swatches and review after the jump. 
First up is one of my favorites from the collections, Nyssa. I would describe Nyssa as a darker, warmer version of last Fall's Flynn. I think it's also a bit more flattering for fairer skin tones. The formula was great, I had no issues with applications and used two coats and no top coat for pictures. I never get tired of colors like this for Fall.
Veronica is a warm toned plummy pink. I wasn't wowed by this color in the bottle, but I did like it on my nails a bit more. I don't usually reach for colors like this because I don't think they look all taht fantastic on me. I think Veronica would look amazing on darker and fairer skin tones though. Formula-wise, it was very similar to Nyssa. I did two easy coats and no top coat.
Genevieve is a smoky gray with an almost jelly like formula. I wasn't a huge fan of the formula on this one. It applied almost like a jelly and was very sheer and streaky on the first coat. I applied a slightly thicker second coat for opacity and that worked. 
 Margo is the more purple-leaning sister of Veronica. These colors are incredibly close in color in the bottle but look completely different once on the nail. Their formulas were also pretty much identical. Again, I wasn't wowed by this color against my skin tone, but I think it would look amazing on someone with fairer skin. I used two coats and no top coat.
Claire is a brown-leaning brick red. I wanted to like this one, I really did. But the formula was bit of a PITA for me. It was very thin and I found myself having to wrestle with the application to avoid cuticle flooding. My ring finger wound up with a blob right on the tip which you can see, because the polish never self-leveled. A great color but the formula was meh. Two not so easy coats for this one.
Ryan - a true navy blue cream. Yay! I'm a sucker for navy blues and I especially love navy blues that don't turn balck when you apply a second coat. Ryan did not. The formula was great - I had no issues with application and used two coats for pics.
So what do you all think? Any must haves from this collection? My personal faves are Nyssa and Ryan.
The Entice collection is currently available on the Zoya website and retail for $9 a bottle.

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