My Top Ten Favorite Polishes: Number Four Zoya Blaze - with MoYou Stamping

 We are chugging along with my Top Ten Favorite polishes list and today I have for you number four. Every now and then a polish comes along that continually knocks your socks off. No matter how many times you see it or wear it you are just amazed at it's beauty. For me that polish is Zoya Blaze. From the 2012 Zoya Ornate Holiday Collection, Blaze along with it's sister colors in the collection was the first of the scattered holo polishes that Zoya has since become quite popular for. Check out my pics along with some pretty stamping featuring MoYou London after the jump.

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I'm sure you all have seen this polish a thousand times and I have even swatched here on the blog before, but it is just one of those colors I never get tired of looking at. I used two coats for the pics with no top coat. That's right- all the shine you see in the above and below photos are Blaze is all it's naked glory!
I decided to do some stamping with Blaze. I wanted the stamping to be a bit subtle and for Blaze's shine to still show through. I used MoYou London Suki Plate 05 and Revlon Hot For Chocolate for the stamping detail.
The look is very subtle and in low or indirect light my nails have an amazing soft glow to them from Blaze peeking out from under the design. 
I have since gone on to purchase other scattered holos from Zoya (hello, Payton!) but Blaze will always be my favorite!
Do any of you own this color or any of Zoya's gorgeous scattered holos? If so what's your favorite?