Nautical Nail Art with Born Pretty Store Nail Decals

*Press Sample
It feels like it has been forever since I've posted. That was not by design. I had the last week off from work and had all of these grand ideas for posts I had taken pics and everything and then my laptop decided to conk out on me. Oh- and then I had a nail break. So yeah...good times... But better late than never right? Today's post is the second of three review posts I have for Born Pretty Store. I am a sucker for anything nautical so I had to try these vintage-inspired Water Transfer Decals
I will start by saying that these don't work like other decals that I tried. These apply more like temporary tattoos. You know the fake tattoos you would wear as a kid wear you would apply them upside down and then rub a wet or damp tissue or rag over them to transfer? That's exactly how these work. Too bad that I didn't read the instructions before sitting down to apply them! Make sure that you are happy with the placement of the decal because once it is on there's no fixing it (please note the crooked decal on my pinky!)
For this design I painted my nails in a skittle using the following colors:
American Apparel Peacock, The Valley and California Trooper
OPI Chop-sticking To My Story
For the polka dots and anchors I used California Trooper and my striping brush and dotting tool
My one gripe with these decals is that you can't really layer them over darker colors. I wound up wasting half of the decal because I placed it on my middle finger and the pattern wasn't visible. 
Once I got the hang of how to uses these I was pretty happy with them. But it definitely takes a little trial and error. Oh- and reading the instructions!
Don't forget to use my Promo Code PSL91 to receive 10% off your order. Born Pretty also offers free worldwide shipping on all orders!

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