Abstract Tweed Nail Art & Tutorial

Today's nail art is something that I had been toying around with in my head for awhile and finally decided to sit down and try. I loved the way it turned out and the steps to create it are relatively easy so I decided to do a tutorial for the design. Check out pics and full tutorial after the jump!
Tools needed for this design: 
A base color (I used Models Own Utopia)
Black and White Polish
One accent color (I used Chick Polish Hen House)
A striper brush
Base & Top Coat (I used KB Shimmer Basic Training  and Clearly on Top)
Acetone (to clean striping brush and around nail)
Step 1. Start by painting your nails with two coats of your base color. Apply a layer of top coat
and let dry.
Step 2. Using your striper brush apply four horizontal lines of white polish on your nail. Don't worry about the lines being perfect. 
Step 3. Using your striper apply five vertical lines of black polish, making sure that they cross over the white lines. Apply five shorter horizontal lines of your accent color above and beneath your white lines. 
Step 4. Add shorter black and white vertical lines to the nail. Add more horizontal lines of your accent color as well to fill out the pattern. Wait a few minutes and then apply your top coat (this will guard against smearing your lines).
The finished result!  This design is abstract so perfection is not necessary. Have fun with the pattern! If you use this tutorial please be sure to tag me on social media!