Dance Legend Smoky Collection Cozy Sweater, Grey Britain and Pine Bark Swatch & Review

In last week's April haul post, I told you guys about my current polish brand obsession, Dance Legend. I went insane in the membrane and bought a ton of Dance Legends last month and the first batch rolled in yesterday. It is really hard to make neutral colors unique so when I saw the Smoky Collection I was really impressed that Dance Legend had managed to do just that. The Smoky Collection feature soft neutral shades with  fine black particles that create "smoky" effect. I picked up three colors from the collection, Cozy Sweater, Grey Britain,  and Pine Bark. More pics and review after the jump.

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The formulas for all three polishes were pretty consistent so I will just give you the scoop here and then get on with the swatches! The polish is sheer on the first coat but is fairly opaque by the second. Application was amazing -it glided onto the nail smoothly with no patches or streakiness which really impressed me considering how sheer the first coat was. I decided not to use top coat  and as you'll see in the pics all were shiny without it.
First up is Pine Bark, a warm soft beige tan.  I used three coats for Pine Bark. This is a great neutral that I think would look good on pretty much any skin tone. I liked it more on my nails than I did in the bottle.
Next up is Grey Britain, my personal favorite of the three. Grey Britain is a soft pale grey.  I used three coats for the pics. This is another color that I think is universally flattering.  I actually swatched and took pics of this color last because I wanted to keep wearing it I loved it so much! 
And last but not least is Cozy Sweater, a warm soft mauve. I think of it as Pine Bark's pinker cousin. It's such a nice alternative to a plain mauve or pink-toned beige.  Again I used three coats for pics.
Once again I am blown away by the quality of Dance Legend polishes. I have yet to try one that disappointed me or had an awful formula and that's saying a lot when it comes to a polish brand. 
The Smoky Collection retails for $9 a bottle. You can buy directly from Dance Legend via their website or from Llarowe which is where I picked mine up from.