We Be Haulin' - March Haul Post

Another stellar month of nail polish gluttony! Mwuhahhhhaa! But in all seriousness...well, no no seriousness to be had. It was an awesome haul month!

I started off the month of March vowing to slow down a bit from the purchasing rampage also known as February. And for the most part I did. Some of the items included in this post were actually purchased in February. And of course- I got great deals on a lot of stuff as well!
Let's start off with my epic Colors by Llarowe purchase. I bit the bullet and bought most of the colors I wanted (a few were sold out or not for sale at that time). From left to right: Mojito, Nobody Makes Emily Twerk In The Corner (aka NMETITC), The Mighty Red Baron, Burnt Sugar and Runt. You can see my swatch and review of The Mighty Red Baron here.
As much as I loved CbL Runt in the bottle it looked awful on me...so I swapped  with a Facebook pal for CbL Army of One. High five for swaps! I also picked up Pahlish Goldmine, Gutted and  Darling Diva Carmel Martini from a couple of blog sales.
And now this...one of my longest and most sought after lemmings ever. I searched far and wide for Dance Legend Sahara Crystal Amethyst. I begged and pleaded and even offered up organs and unborn first born children for it. Nada. And then a kindly Facebook friend took pity on me and swapped for it! The tears of joy...they were like a river... Oh- and I also purchased Dance Legend Sahara Crystal Malachite and Moondust from an online retailer. And they are gorgeous...just not as gorgeous as Amethyst. Sigh...
I was attempting to be good and not purchase too much and so I allowed myself one polish from Elevation Polish's Spring collection. Kilimanjaro - a stunning gold and silver circle glitter topper.As soon as I got this I swatched it over what I was wearing at the time (Lacquer Lust Butt Bootie Naked to be precise). And O.M.G. is this polish gorgeous. Will be swatching soon on the blog!
Lacquer Lust Butt Bootie Naked has been all over this blog since I got my hands on it. Why? Because it's awesome, that's why! You can read my swatch and review here and my nude holo comparison post from yesterday featuring it here.
This was an impulse purchase. Contrary Polish River Market has been on my wish list since it came out. I was randomly stalking the Llarowe website (as you do) and River Market - which is hardly ever in stock- was in stock. Naturally it needed to come to it's new home. See my swatch and review here.
Pliny the Elder had a long and twisted journey to it's new home (the first one got lost in the mail and Jenna at LynBDesigns sent me a replacement bottle because she's awesome like that). It arrived yesterday along with another package from Llarowe (they were having a sale - don't judge me), Dance Legend Mist Way Divine and Esmaltes da Kelly Orange Sunset.

And this happened last week. I participate in Secret Swaps with a Facebook group I'm in and I received my Spring package chocked full of goodies:
How awesome is this package?!  The polishes below are KB Shimmer Sand In My Stocking, Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate and Suede (all were on my wish list!). I was so stoked about this box of awesomeness I can't even tell you!
And as usual here is the list of polishes that I suddenly remember halfway through writing this post and forgot to take pics of:
Pretty & Polished Tomboyish, *Elvis' Pink Cadillac and *Phoenix 
(*I know I promised to post pics in February's haul post but I'm a spaz and forgot again)
Liquid Lacquer Kashmir (see swatch from my nude holo comparison here)
KB Shimmer Band Geek
Scofflaw Varnish Cloud Cuckoo Land
All in all not a bad month! Knocking items off my wish list is always great and I didn't go too crazy so my wallet is happy as well!