Lacquer Lust Pink Tourmaline and Bijou Nail Art

Once in a while you come across a polish that blows your mind.  It lives up to your expectations and even exceeds them. For me recently, that polish is Lacquer Lust Pink Tourmaline.  I have been looking for the perfect pink holo polish and Tourmaline is it!

 Lacquer Lust's Birthstone collection features 12 holo graphic polishes that represent the birthstone of each month. Pink Tourmaline represents the birthstone of October. My birthday is June. But whateves I wanted it anyway! And my Mom's birthday is in October so I can technically get away with it. PinkTourmaline has an amazeballs formula. It seriously blew me away when I was applying it. The first coat when on smoothly with no streaks or patches and was not sheer which is so often the case with light colored holos.The consistency is a tad thicker than other holo polishes which is what I think helps with the opacity. I used two coats for the pictures but if I was just wearing this out and about I could probably get away with just one. How crazy is that?! 

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I had planned on doing some elaborate bijou 3D nail art with  Pink Tourmaline as the base but after applying it I didn't want to cover it up! So I went with a simple bijou accent nail using various 3D nail art pieces and nail glue. 
The birthstone collection is still available on the Lacquer Lust website. They retail for $12.50 a bottle. Joanne (the owner of Lacquer Lust) just restocked the entire store and all 12 polishes are currently available! I also picked up Topaz which I can't wait to swatch for you all soon!