We Be Haulin' - February Haul Post

I have been so bad about my haul posts these last few months. I was originally going to do a multi-month haul recap but then I looked at the list and it was a lot. Way too much to add to one post so I decided to just start fresh with February's haul. February was a good month and by good I mean bad. I bought a ton of polish. In keeping with my promise to myself to not be such an impulse polish buyer and focus on knocking items off my wish list I did really well so I don't feel too guilty about it. Some items are still on their way to me so I will just list them and then include pics in March's haul post. See pics after the jump!

My February kicked off with an amazing package from my polish friend Alischia. We participated in a Valentine's Day Secret Swap (like secret Santa swaps but better because it's polish!) and she got me. She did an amazing job and sent me some killer items! Girly Bits Giggity Giggity Goo (my first Girly Bits polish), OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, my wish polish from her amazing polish line Lacquerhead Polish Let's Go Out For A Bite, two mini Sephora polishes, a mini manicure kit (with striping tape!) and chocolate!
Picked up two A-England polishes from Llarowe. Princess Sabra and Sleeping Palace. These were not on my wish list but they should have been!
I spent a lot of time on Llarowe last month - too much. Becausethe very next day after ordering my two A-Englands I went back on the site and grabbed two Esmaltes da Kelly polishes, Durga and Elenice. Love these adorable bottles! You can see my swatch & review of Durga here. I have fallen in love with the brand and now need moar! Also, don't you just love my sparkly work desk? I wish I had this at home because it makes a pretty backdrop for pictures.
Grabbed three Mentality polishes - two, Solider and Officer of these were on my wish list. Tempest I used to own (and swatched on the blog) and then sold it in my blog sale and had seller's remorse. I learned me lesson and bought it again. 
And now for piece de resistance of my February haul...my MoYou London plates!!! These were a total splurge but I just couldn't not have a few MoYou London plates in my life. And now that I have some...I need moar, moar MOAR...!! I bought Mother Nature Plate 05,  Pro Plates 7 and 15, Suki Plate 05, The Artist Plate 04 and The Rock Star Plate 09. I have already done a few manicures with them which you can see here, here and here.  
These are the polishes I neglected to get pics of..sorry gang. 
Elevation Polish Tronador and Cerro Torre 2
Girly Bits More Cowbell (because after GGG I needed another one in my life). Am currently wearing and loving!
Grabbed some awesome stuff from various Blog and FB Group sales
Pretty & Polished Elvis' Pink Cadillac 
Scofflaw Varnish Cloud Cuckoo Land
Nails Inc Leather Effect Noho
ILNP Grape-Alicious and Army Surplus minis 
Here is the list of polishes that I purchased towards the end of last month and are currently en route to me. Yay for anticipation! I will be post pics in this month's haul post. 
KB Shimmer Band Geek
Pretty & Polished Phoenix
Dance Legend Amethyst This...I...can't even...I'm going to cry...
LynBDesigns Pliny the Elder
I went completely cray cray at the Llarowe, Colors by Llarowe restock last week...
The Mighty Red Baron
NMETITC (Noone Makes Emily Twerk In The Corner) - I will admit that the name of this polish greatly influenced my decision to order it. 
Brown Sugar
In non polish related haul purchases my lipstick obsession continues and my collection grew quite a bit last month. On top of the polishes I showed you all in my Weekly Recap a few weeks back I also grabbed these:
NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Licorice and Razzle
NYX Cosmetic Matte Round Lipstick in Aria and Siren
NYX Cosmetics Round Lipstick in Thalia
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 08, 12 and 110. I'm currently wearing 12 and I love it! 
So yeah...I bought a lot. I think I will give my wallet a break this month and slow down. Of course I say this after having ordered 2 polishes this weekend... and it's only March 3rd.