Inspired by Fashion - Geometric Nail Art Inspired by Wendy's Lookbook

New series alert! Way back in January I posted about how I wanted to bring my love of fashion into my nail art and blog more often. I have touched on this a few times here on the blog with various fashion series, but I wanted to do something on a regular basis. I love fashion blogs and street style. To me it is the height of creativity to get put together a look with unexpected colors, prints and details. And I love the idea of translating that to nail art even more So...this series was born. Today's nail art is inspired by a look from one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook. Wendy's style has this amazing mash up of classic and elegant with a hint of an edge, which is so in keeping with my own sense of style. 

Left photo from Wendy's Look

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How amazeballs is this look?! I am a sucker for studs and my favorite color is green so this pretty much made my head explode when I saw it! For my interpretation I decided to play off the inverted v detail on the skirt. Colors used:
American Apparel Office
Revlon Emerald
Sinful Colors Black on Black
Studs from Born Pretty Store
This was a pretty simple design to do. I was originally going to use striping tape but for some reason was feeling really good about my freehand line drawing skills last night (don't ask me why). The results are mixed! I used the bottle brushes to apply each color. I then dabbed on small dots of nail glue and applied the studs.
I hope you enjoyed the first post in this new series! I had a  lot of fun doing it and already have so many inspiration pics lined up for future posts. Excitement! Also, if you have never visited Wendy's Lookbook I highly suggest doing so!