Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron Swatch & Review

Some people love and I mean love red nail polish. And some are pretty "meh" about it. I generally fall into the "meh" category. A red polish has to have something truly unique about it to catch my eye. And for the longest time Zoya Blaze has reigned supreme as my favorite red polish. It's actually one of the few polishes that I reach for over and over again and never get tired of. But today, Blaze has been deposed. Sorry Blaze! I have a new lover - and it's name is Color by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron

I had only seen one swatch of this color and it was truly love at first sight. MRB is a gorgeous cherry red with a cornucopia of red  scattered holo microshimmer throughout. This polish gives the effect of being lit from within. The shimmer isn't on top but beneath like molten lava. Argghh - I love it! 

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Formula-wise MRB is fantastic. The consistency is not too thin or thick and I got great coverage with just two coats. I will say that it is a good idea to let the nails dry a bit between coats as I experienced some minor dragging when I applied my second coat while the first was still wet. 
This is one of those polishes that pictures truly does not do justice to! I tried my best but I just could not capture how utterly glowing and sparkly it is. If you are thinking of buying it - do it. It is worth the money I promise!
Colors by Llarowe is sold on the Llarowe site. Prices vary but The Mighty Red Baron retails for $12. Colors by Llarowe sell out fast (I believe MRB is sold out at the moment) but Llarowe post restocks dates and info often!