The Longest Week Ever - Valiantly Varnished Week in Review

Happy Valentine's Day peeps! And better yet - happy Friday! I thought it would never get here. This seriously has felt like the longest week known to man for me. I think it's a combination of a few things: 1. the weather 2. I really need a vacation 3. I'm catching...something. A cold? The plague? Who knows. I have felt like crap for the better part of two weeks and it hit me like a ton of bricks last Friday. But I've been fighting it and drinking my special "elixir" to help stave off the sickies. What is my special elixir you ask?  It is hot water, fresh lemon and honey. I drink this pretty much all day and it does wonders for the sore and itchy throat. I would love to take credit for this but a friend of mine actually recommended doing this last year when I had a really bad sinus infection.

I feel like this picture is an embarrassment of riches but whateves...I'm showing it anyway! I got my package from my Valentine's Day gift exchange buddy. This was an idea started by one of the girls in one of the many nail-polish related Facebook groups I belong to. I got a name and a wish list and quiz for my girl and got to shop for her and send her shinies and chocolate (which I did). And someone else got me and sent me shinies and chocolate too. So who was the person who got my name? None other than the awesome Alischia of Lacquerhead Polish! I love her stuff and she even sent me one of her discontinued polishes that was on my wish list! I made out like a bandit: from l to r: OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Girly Bits Giggity Giggity Goo, Lacquerhead Polish Let's Go Out For Bite, and two mini Sephoras ( I can't remember the names, sorry) that I can't wait to try and stamp with. I also got chocolate (that was pretty much gone within the hour it was received) and a cute mini manicure kit.
I finished the second Olen Steinhauer book, The Nearest Exit, earlier this week. This one is the sequel to The Tourist. I actually liked this one a lot more than the first book. It was just a tighter better paced read. The Tourist felt a bit slow at times but this one was quick-paced and the storyline was a bit more believable.
And my fur baby Declan. This is how he likes to sit on the bed. Like a boss.

 Does anyone have anything fun or romantic planned for today? I'm single , but I am also not really a Valentine's Day person. I mean, the only things that I get truly jazzed about is all the pink and chocolate to be found.