NAGG Day 12 - Camouflage Nail Art

I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger. This was supposed to go up yesterday but I was just not feeling it. I have been fighting coming down with whatever has been floating around my office and I just could not get myself together. And if I had I don't think I would have been happy with the end result. So I went to bed early and resolved to be okay with posting late. Which is so hard for me. I hate being late for things! Silver lining? I am so happy with my camouflage nail art!! When I did sit down last night I actually had an idea and energy to execute it and everything. Awesome sauce.

Polishes used:
Zoya Dree, Farah and Yara
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys
For Stripe:
Sinful Colors Black on Black
Revlon Gold Coin

I started with Dree as my base color and then used the bottle brushes to apply each color in random splotches, layering them over each other until I was happy with "camo" effect. I then used my striping brush for the stripe.
This turned out so cool, I'm really happy with the end result. My favorite nail is the ring finger with the stripe detail. I decided to add that at the last minute and it totally kicked the design up a few notches.