Lacquer Legion: Adoration - David Bowie Nail Art

I am so stoked about today's nail art for February's Lacquer Legion post. This month's theme is "Adoration" and I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Bowie baby! 

I have been in love with David Bowie since I saw him in Labyrinth when I was seven years-old. At that time he was just this magically beautiful man in tight pants. Years later when I would see the film as a teenager I realized how inappropriate that movie was and how it lead to my Bowie fantasies. A young teenage girl kidnapped by a much older rock star?!  I started listening to Bowie's music in my mid-teens and I fell even more in love with him. I have since seen him in concert twice and my favorite albums are Station to Station and Low. I went as "The Thin White Duke" two years in a row for Halloween. 

I really loved the color combo I used for NAGG Day 24 and decided to use most of the same colors for this design:
Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection Miami Spirit (base color)
Sinful Colors Black on Black
American Apparel Angeline
NY & Co. Millionaire
I freehanded the lightning bolt on my middle finger and used MoYo London Rock Star Plate 09 for the other fingers. I painted on the gold lightning bolts using Millionaire and a detailing brush.

 I am so in love with how these turned out!! My favorite is my ring finger. I can't wait to use the other Bowie images on the Rock Star plate because they are awesome as well. Do any of you have a favorite Bowie song? My personal favorites are A New Career In A New Town, Sound and Vision, Golden Years, and Bring Me The Disco King. The list goes on and on!