Greetings from the Arctic - Valiantly Varnished Week in Review

Happy Friday gang! This week has been a bit weird for me. Mostly because I got my days mixed up and kept thinking that Wednesday was Thursday - and then would get sad when I remembered that this was not the case. Also, with the weather being as crazy as it's been I am starting to truly understand the meaning of cabin fever. Although I leave the house every day for work I feel perpetually "snowed in". Let me out!! I want to be free!!! Haha- I'm sure I'm not the only one who is experiencing this here in the US since more than half the country has gotten some kind of snowfall. I just read an article that it was snowing in Hawaii. Hawaii!! Crazy town... anyway on to the other things that have been up to this week.

I finished the book I was reading, The Ocean At the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. It started a bit slow and I have to say the first half gave me a weird sense of anxiety but overall I loved it. Gaiman does such a great job of creating fictional, magical worlds that suck you in and this was no exception. My only gripe was that I felt it was too short. If you have never read Neil Gaiman the three books I would suggest starting with are Neverwhere, Graveyard Book and Ocean At The End of The Lane. And then maybe work your way up to American Gods- which is...intense. But a great read. I am now reading The Soul Catcher by Alex Cava. This is apparently a series and and this book is like number 4 or 5 I think. It reads nicely as a stand alone book so far. If I like it enough I may read the others, we'll see.
Are any of you watching True Detective? Because if you're not you need to get on that! It is a new series on HBO starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Each season will have a different storyline (similar to American Horror Story) and this season features McConaughey and Harrelson as two detectives who are telling the story of how they came to catch a serial killer and how the case changed their lives. It's told in flashback with the two men each telling their side of what happened. It's such a compelling and intense story about right and wrong and the complexities of both. And I have to say I am blown away by McConaughey's performance.
Random cat cuteness. I often feel that I just do not share the adorableness that are my two fur babies, Finn and Declan, enough with you all. This is what they do everyday when I come home from work. This chair is in my bedroom. I threw my beloved sweater hoodie on the chair one day and walked away and when I came back this is what I found. And now I can't move the hoodie (or the leopard print pjs hanging out in the background) because I mean...come on...why would I want to disrupt this?
In nail news I will be starting this challenge beginning Sunday. It was created by Missy at Gnarly Gnails. I won't be able to do every single day because I already have so much scheduled for the blog over the next month or so, but it's such a great idea I had to join in the fun! I have put a nifty little check next to the days I will be posting. 

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And I'm just adding this because it makes me laugh every time I see it. This cat's face is priceless!