The Best Polish Collections of 2013

Am I the only one who thinks it's insane in the membrane that we are at the end of 2013 already? It feels like this year went by at lightning speed. It's time for the "Best Of" roundups for 2013 and today's post is all about the best polish collections of 2013. These posts are half fun half nerve wracking since there are so many polish brands to sift through. 

Best Spring Collection - China Glaze Avant Garden Collection. Spring 2013 was a bit all over the place in terms of nail polish collections. We had texture, neons, pastels, speckled, you name it. And while there were some really great collections that were on trend, my pick was a collection that was classic and had all of the types of shades and finishes I look forward to when Spring rolls around. My personal favorites from this collection are Budding Romance, Keep Calm Paint On and Dandy Lyin Around.

Best Summer Collection - OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection. Once again there were some great collection that came out in Summer. But I had to go with the one that I actually felt the need to own all of. I am a lover of textured polish and the OPI Bond Girls Collection was so different from every other summer collection that was being released. Having said that I don't know if the colors on their own stand the test of time. There are some I still reach for and others that I have come to feel pretty "meh" about. My pick from this collection is Honey Ryder.

Best Fall Collection - OPI San Francisco. I have to hand it to OPI this year. After a few collections that I felt were less than stellar they got back to doing what I think they do best. Classic polish with great formulas. The San Francisco collection wasn't ground-breaking as far as color. But it covered all the colors that I love to wear in the Fall. Rich blues, plums, reds and fantastic neutrals. And a trio of Liquid Sands to boot. My picks are Incognito in Sausalito, A-Piers To Be Tan and Liquid Sand It's All San Andrea's Fault.

Best Winter/Holiday Collection - KB Shimmer Blogger Collaboration Winter/Holiday. This time of year always brings out the best of what most brands have to offer. In the past the title of best has gone to a main stream brand but this year I tip my hat to an indie brand who in my opinion has the most unique and yet seasonally relevant collection of the season. Christy the maker of KB Shimmer collaborated with various bloggers on this collection and you can see the personality of each shine through. This entire collection is phenomenal and sparkly and just plain pretty, but my personal favorites are Toast-ess With Mostest and Sand In My Stocking.

Best Drugstore Brand - Tie: Revlon & Hard Candy. Revlon has long been my favorite drugstore brand so I fully admit to being biased on this one. There 2013 releases have only reaffirmed my love. Sophisticated classic colors with great formulas. Also there collaboration with Marchesa for their nail strips was amazing and on trend. On the flip side we have Hard Candy which in early 2013 released a whopping 24 colors and blew me away with their glitter toppers that were actually great dupes for high -end and indie brands. My picks for Revlon are two core colors that I love Urban and Iconic. My pick for Hard Candy is Cocoa S'mores from the Speckled Collection. 

Best Indie Brand - Pahlish. This one was a toughie for me. This past year most of what I wore on my nails were indie polishes. And there were so many great brands to choose from. I decided to go with one that I found continually put out interesting collections this year with unique colors. My personal collection of Pahlish has grown quite a bit this year so there was a lot to choose from as far as favorites go, but I narrowed it down to four colors. Heart of Man from the Valentine's Day collection, Coney Island Queen from the summer collection. Zhang Qian's Expedition from fall and Your Fortress Fades from the winter collection. 
Best High End Brand - Butter London. While I admit that I was disappointed with what BL came out with for Fall and Winter I adored their Spring and Summer collections and for that reason alone they are my choice for best high end brand. I am hoping that they get back to making interesting colors in 2014! My favorites from this year are Fiver, Cuppa and Sunbaker
Best Texture Polish Line - Dance Legend Sahara Crystal. My knowledge of this line is limited since it is hard to come by and I've only tried one polish from the line. So why did I pick it I'm sure you're saying to your computer monitor's right about now? Because the color selection is amazeballs. Seriously. Take a look at a few swatches online to see what I mean. The depth of color and dimension the Sahara Crystal line has basically blows everyone else out of the water in the textured polish department. I love textured polish- I own so many that it's kind of a problem. So I say this with full knowledge of Dance Legend's competition. There are a lot of polishes from this collection on my wish list. But the only one that haunts my dreams and makes me misty-eyed when I Google swatches (for the hundredth time) is Dance Legend Sahara Crystal Amethyst. Sigh...
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Overall, I think indies and drug store brands ruled the day this year. What were your favorite polish collections this year? Tell me your personal picks in the comments!