Snow Globe Nails

Dun dun dun!! Today is the day. The day of my company holiday party. Pray for me. I am praying that nothing goes wrong and everyone has a good time. And that I remember to take an extra slice of key lime pie home. I deserve it lol! 

Today'd nail art is another idea that's been floating around in my head. I have so many right now but not the time to actually sit down and do them. It's better than the alternative. I'm hoping that after today I will have the time/energy to do them all. 
This was another slap dash. I did the entire design in less than 40 minutes. I wanted something cute and festive since I will be wearing all black at the party (not need to worry about matching and coordinating!). I started with two coats of Revlon Sheer Nude. I then used my detailing brush and dotting tool to paint the trees and snowman. For the showman I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Black on Black and for the trees I used Revlon Emerald and Zoya Blaze.  I then added a coat of Savina Flash and used my detailing brush and Black on Black for the border.
My snowman was much cuter pre-top coat. His little face and scarf got smeared a bit. I also wish I had used a different red for the trees since the sparkle in Blaze is kind of lost, but I just used what was on my table. 
So what do you all think? Does this design remind you of a snow globe? Is there any holiday nail art that your are dying to try?