My Top 10 of 2013 - Nail Art

Let me start this post by saying that it is really hard to pick just 10 designs! There's just so much to choose from. I always have a hard time picking a favorite of pretty much anything so choosing my faves of my own artwork was pretty daunting. Going through the archives of my blog allll the way back to January- there were designs I had completely forgotten that I'd done. One thing that did stand out as I combed the archives is that my skills have grown exponentially, and that is something that I am very proud of. It's amazing to see how much the blog has grown and changed in just 12 short months. So without further ado here are my picks for my top 10 nail art designs of 2013!

10. McQueen Floral Scape Nails
This was my first proper try at freehand and I was so proud of the job I did and how it turned out. I think I could do much better now but I still love this design.

9. Feather Nails
This was so much fun to do and I got so many compliments on it. It was also one of the most popular posts on the blog this year.

8. Watercolor Leaves
I loved this design so much! It was my first time using Lime Crime Milky Ways, and it was the perfect base for this design. I love the watercolor technique and this was my first try at it. I am choosing to ignore their comments made by a coworker who compared by design to a certain smokeable herb...
7. Vintage
This is really the design that gave birth to my love for 3D Nail Art. This flower was crazy big! And I actually wore it out of the house and to work! I loved this one so much it wound up on my blog business cards.
6. Stella McCartney-Inspired Nails 
I was obsessed with this dress at the time and the nails were my way of getting to wear it. I still love the simplicity and retro vibe of this design.
5. Matte Metallic Polka Dots
Dots are so simple but can make such a big impact. This design was so much fun to wear and the colors looked amazing together.

4. Rhinestone Cascade
Ahh... 3D nail art how I love you! This design lives on in my heart- and on Pinterest. I get such a thrill when I am perusing nail art on the site and see this picture pop up. 

3. Peach Roses
Flower Nail art never gets old for me- I especially love doing retro-style designs like this one. My roses came out exactly how I pictured them and I love the colors I chose.
2. Seventies Retro Stripes
The idea for this design came out of my desire to do an unconventional rainbow design. The colors look so awesome together. 
1. Quirky 31 DC Day 1 - Green
One of the simplest nail designs I've ever done and one of my all-time favorites. This color combo is just amazeballs... and it features my favorite color (green) and one of my all-time favorite polishes - A-England St. George

What are some of your personal favorites from the blog this year? Did I leave something out that you absolutely loved?