Honeycomb Stamping with A-England Holy Grail

I've been playing around with various color combinations for stamping lately and have come up with some pretty interesting combos. One of my favorites is American Apparel MacArthur Park and A-England Holy Grail. I wasn't even sure that Holy Grail would stamp well but I was playing around with A-England St George (which stamps very well, btw) and thought, "eh, why not". The result is subtle but really cool.

MacArthur Park is one of those fugly colors I love so much. Paired with Holy Grail it looks so retro - which I love. I used 2 coats of MacArthur Park. The honeycomb pattern is from BM Plate 422 from the Fan Collection. The pattern and color combo reminds me of funky 70's wallpaper. 

So what do you think of this color combo? Are you getting a groovy wallpaper vibe?