Holiday Dot and Drip Nail Art

This is a crazy day for me. It is the day before my company holiday party which I organize each year. This week is pretty much the most stressful work week of my entire year. I almost didn't do my nails last night because I just had so much on my mind. Luckily there was an idea swimming around in my head from over the weekend that I just had to try out. 

I'm still obsessed with holiday nail art and wanted this design to be festive but unexpected. I started my painting my nails with one coat of China Glaze Adventure Red-y. Once dry I used BM Plates 405 and 423 and Revlon Emerald for the dot and drip design. 

This mani was a bit slap dash but I really like the look of it.The dot design is so cute! I have to use this image with other color combos because I love it.