Dance Legend White Noise Swatches & Review

Happy Monday peeps! I hope everyone here in the States had a great Thanksgiving. I had five whole days off and it still felt like it went by too fast! Oh, well. Today I have for you a polish that has been on wish list for ages, Dance Legend Sahara Crystal in White Noise.

White Noise is from the Dance Legend Sahara Crystal textured polish line. It is a white base with matte black glitter throughout. Some of the reviews I'd read for White Noise stated that the formula was difficult to work with so I sat down fully expecting to have a hard time. I actually had zero issues with it. It's no more difficult to work with than any other textured polish - which I don't find difficult to work with in the first place. The formula is thick but not too thick to apply and I was really surprised at how opaque it was with just one coat. I used two for the photos, but next time I will just do one. Drying time is also pretty comparable to other textured polishes. For me textured polish always looks the best the next day when it's completely cured and White Noise was the same.

It is always great when you finally get your hands on a polish that you've wanted for awhile and it doesn't disappoint. Now I need MOAR Dance Legends!!
Dance Legend is sold at Llarowe as well as Ninja Polish and retails for $9. Just a word to guard against disappointment- most of the colors are sold out (White Noise was still available on Llarowe last time I checked) and both Llarowe and Ninja Polish haven't restocked in awhile due to delayed shipments.