Artsy Wednesday - Christmas Nail Art

Merry Christmas to all of you that celebrate the holiday! Today is what I like to call a "bonus day". I don't celebrate Christmas but I thoroughly enjoy having the extra day off! Today is Artsy Wednesday and the theme is of course, Christmas. I've done quite a bit of holiday-inspired nail art on the blog lately but I still had a ton of ideas and things I wanted to do so I decided that for my final holiday mani I was going to just do it all and do a skittle.

 I used a lot  of polishes for this design and so I will just list them:

Base colors: Zoya Dree (ring finger); A England St. George (pinky and thumb), A England Holy Grail (middle finger), Shimmer Marilyn (index finger)

Details: Sation Twinkle Twinkle Big Star (pinky and ornament), OPI A Piers To Be Tan (Gingerbread Men), Zoya Blaze (ornament), Wet N'Wild Metallica (ornament detail), Sinful Colors Snow Me White (stripes on index finger) and Black on Black (ornament detail), A England Holy Grail (ribbon on thumb)

White and Black Acrylic Paint for details on Gingerbread Men and Ribbon

Phew! You can imagine what my table looked like while I was doing my nails last night. I planned ahead and sketched everything out that I wanted to do so the actual painting didn't take long at all.  My personal favorite are the little gingerbread men. I'm so glad that I got to do Gingerbread Man nail art before the season ended, it was at the top of my must try list!

Have any of you done any holiday-inspired? What is your favorite nail art design of the season? 

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