Swatch Week - Polish Well Haru Haru, Pompadour, Greed, Lust and Wrath

I am so excited for today's post! I have been a Polish Well fan for awhile. I kept stalking Mich messaging her on FB, her blog and Etsy begging her to re-open her store. Instead she did something even better. A couple of months ago she began taking pre-orders for her older collections as well as her newer ones. My excitement at this was just beyond. I snagged Haru Haru from the Bang! Collection, Pompadour from the Retro Summer collection and Lust and Wrath from the Seven Deadly Sins Collection. I really wanted ALL THE POLISHES, but my wallet told me no. I snagged Greed awhile ago in a blog sale and since I hadn't swatched it yet decided to throw in with it's sister polishes. Check out swatch pics after the jump!

First up is Greed. This was the first Polish Well polish I've ever owned. I was practically apoplectic when I got this one. Greed is a smoky semi-sheer black jelly with square and round gold, brown and copper glitter. The formula on this one was pretty chunky and thick though I think that was more my bottle and the fact that it had been sitting awhile. I added a few drops of thinner to it and I was good to go. Glitter coverage with this one is amazing. I used once coat over Revlon Iconic for the photos.

Next up is Wrath. Like Greed, it has square and round gold glitter bits and small black glitters peppered through out. Wrath is a jelly so it goes on a bit sheer with the first coat. I used four thins coats for opacity. I couldn't get as much glitter on my nails with this one as I wanted to. Next time I wear it I will turn the bottle upside for a bit longer to let the large glitter flow to the top of the bottle; I was too impatient the first time. 

Haru Haru is a delicate baby blue holo. I love soft holos like this! The flash is there but isn't over-powering or too in your face. The formula on this one was a bit sheer; I used three coats for full opacity. This is the kind of holo that would be perfect to wear in an office when you want something flashy but not too flashy. 

Pompadour is a gorgeous pink jelly with flecks of black glitter and gold shimmer throughout. This polish was so hard to photograph! My camera just could not pick up the beautiful shimmer but I assure you it's there. Pompadour reads a little less pink against my skin that it did when I swatched it on a swatch stick so depending on your skin tone this may read pink or slightly neutral on you. This also goes on very sheer; I used four thin coats for full opacity.

Lust is my favorite of this bunch. It has the same glitter elements as Wrath does but with flecks of red and pink in a dark berry jelly base Such a gorgeous polish! I used three coats for full opacity for the pics. Glitter coverage was good; no fishing or bald spots.

I am so happy with my Polish Well purchases! Well worth the money and the wait. Right now Mich is taking pre-orders until November 17th for her new Catching Fire Collection via her blog The Polish Well. Bottles retail for $10 for 12ml and $4 for 5ml. Please note that Mich is in Singapore so shipping take a few weeks but they are well worth the wait!