Swatch Week: Essie Toggle To the Top

So what does a girl do when she buys so much polish that she feels like it will take forever for her to swatch and post them all to her blog? She comes up with Swatch week! Woohoo! This week I will be posting swatches all week of various shinies I picked up over the last month or so. Today's post is Essie Toggle To The Top from the Winter Collection. Swatch pics after the jump!

You're probably thinking, "This looks a lot like Leading Lady from Essie's Winter collection from last year. I assure you- they are not the same. When I purchased this polish I actually held it up against Leading Lady which was sitting a couple of rows down in the display.  It is the sister to Leading Lady. Toggle To the Top is a gorgeous raspberry red base with red glitter throughout. Leading Lady is a lighter blue-based red with red glitter. 

The formula for Toggle is okay. But just okay. It's a bit thin and I had some issues with streaks and patchiness on the first two coats. I wound up needing three good coats for full opacity and evenness. The glitter coverage is good; it was very light on the first coat, but by the second it was fine. I highly suggest three coats for this polish to get a nice even finish. Color-wise this polish is absolutely stunning.  I love rich berry reds like this for winter.

For me, I prefer Toggle To The Top to Leading Lady. I like the darker richer color of it. Formula-wise based on what I've read about Leading Lady they are pretty comparable in that department as well, so if you are deciding between the two I say pick whichever red you like best.

Essie Toggle To The Top Winter Collection is now available in stores and retails for $8-8.50 a bottle.