Swatch Week: Cult Nails Disillusion

Double posts today! Whoop whoop! I always feel like such an over achiever when I post twice in one day. We're on Day three of Swatch Week and today I have a gorgeous polish that was actually on my October wish list; Cult Nails Disillusion from the All Access Fall Collection. 
With so many polish brands on the market today it can be really hard to come out with a polish that is unique. Maria at Cult Nails managed to do just that and really blew me away with this one. A black jelly with fuchsia Mylar shreds?? Yes, please! 
For the photos I opted to layer Disillusion over Chick Polish Hen House, which is a dark burgundy vampy and really makes the shreds pop. The shreds in Disillusion do make the polish a bit chunky, but the application itself was very smooth. You could probably build up coverage on it's own but I think the end result would be kind of bumpy and lumpy. I used one coat over Hen House and got great coverage. I did dab on a few spots to get the shreds to evenly distribute but nothing too major. As for the lifting up that tends to happen with Mylar I only had a few bits do this but nothing like a few other polishes I've tried with Mylar shreds.
So yeah, I'm in lurve with this polish! I'm wearing it right now as I type this and my nails keep hitting the light and flashes of fuchsia keep flying by my eyes. Prettiness!
Disillusion is currently available on the Cult Nails site and retails for $12.