Lace Nail Art with Pahlish Zhang Qian's Expedition

Hey gang, happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent mine doing a whole lot of nothing, decompressing from my busy work week. The highlight of my weekend was watching Fringe (love that show!) on Netflix and The Long Way Down which documents Ewan McGregor's motorcycle journey from Scotland to Cape Town South Africa. Ewan is one of my forever crushes so it was 10 episodes of pure eye candy for me!

Today's nail art is  actually the second version of a similar design I'd done  that didn't turn out like I wanted and so they never made it to the blog. I decided to give it another go with a few adjustments and additions. 

I started with three thin coats of Pahlish Zhang QIan's Expedition. This is such an amazing polish. The black matte glitter particles are stunning. Once dry I used my detailing brush and black acrylic paint to create the lace pattern.  Once that was dry I applied two coats of Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K Top Coat and one goat of HK Girl Top Coat.

I am still learning how to draw lace so while I am not 100% happy with my lace pattern it's still better than my first try. Practice makes perfect!