They're Not The Same. They're Similar - Battle of the Navy Blues

It's been forever since I've done a Battle. I hadn't intended for it to be this long between posts, but I think it was worth the wait because today's battle is a good one! Navy blue polish can be so hit or miss. I find most of them look so promising in the bottle only to disappoint on the nail and look completely black. Today's trio of contenders are navy blue polishes that actually read navy. 

Photo courtesy of Elsa at Like A Candy Shop

For this battle I am comparing Revlon UrbanButter London Royal Navy and Bondi Midnight Mystery. I used two coats of each with one coat of Essie Good To Go. 

Round 1 - Color. As you can see in the pic the darkest of the bunch is Midnight Mystery and the lightest is Revlon Urban. If MM and Urban had a baby it would be Royal Navy, since it is a perfect balance of the two. I was really surprised when I began taking my photos because in indirect light these pretty much all look the same. 

Winner - Royal Navy. Like I said, it's the perfect balance between the other two colors. Not too light or too dark.

Round 2 - Formula and Application. The formulas on all of these are actually pretty great. All were reasonably opaque at one. Urban is the thinnest of the group. MM is definitely the thickest and most opaque. Again, Royal Navy was straight down the middle - neither too thick or too thin and was easy to apply.

Winner - Royal Navy. Once again the balance that Royal Navy strikes wins the round.

Round 3 - Price. Revlon $ Bondi $$ Butter London $$$. As always this round is subjective. It is pretty much based on what you are willing to pay and/or can afford. 

Winner - Revlon Urban. I will have to give this one to Revlon Urban since it is the most affordable. And Urban is a gorgeous navy blue. I actually wore this for a few days by itself and like most Revlon polishes it is a great quality. I think it's a great alternative to the other two at a great price point.

Overall Winner - Butter London Royal Navy. With Urban being a comfortable second place. 

What is you favorite navy blue polish? Do you own any of the ones in today's post?