Shimmer Polish Rochelle & American Apparel Pinto

*Items in this post were sent for my honest review
Ugh, I feel like such a bum guys. I haven't done any swatching in a week! I have a good excuse but it doesn't make me feel any better about it. These swatches are from my last marathon swatching session last week. I still have tons of gorgeous polishes to show you from Shimmer Polish. Rochelle is one of my favorites. When I was deciding what I wanted to do with it one of the American Apparel polishes that I recently bought - and hadn't swatched yet - jumped out at me. These two polishes together look amazeballs!
Rochelle is a gorgeous glitter bomb of gold, bronze, copper and red glitter. I kept changing my mind over what to layer it over at first. I've seen it layered over gold, red and even orange and it looked stunning over all of them. American Apparel Pinto was a great compromise of the three and really lets Rochelle stand out. 
Like every other Shimmer I've tried, Rochelle applied like a dream. I really don't know what to say about Shimmer polishes formula-wise without sounding like a broken record. They are just consistently awesome.
Shimmer Polish is sold on Etsy and retails for $10. Also be sure to check out the Shimmer Facebook page! Also, bear with me while convalesce - I recently went on a bit of a polish buying-binge (which always makes me feel better) and have tons of gorgeous shinies to show you guys!