October Wish List

So, I have not posted my September haul. The truth is I just didn't buy much last month. Now, this month is a different story... and we are only two weeks in. So stay tuned at the end of this month to see all of my goodies. I will add September's sad little haul to the list.  I do have October's Wish List all set and ready to go. Last month's wish list was fairly successful. I got Morgan Taylor's Under The Stars in the mail just today. Sooo excited to swatch that baby! The pants I found today as well - and for a much cheaper price so I'm really happy about that. The Marchesa nail strips? Apparently they are just being released here in Chicago so I will be scouting for those and will let you know what I find. I did find them on eBay - all of the people selling them must have been smoking something because the prices were cray cray!  I'm not wishing for a lot of things this month - though two of them are a bit expensive for me.

"Joe" Lace Up Boot by Jeffrey Campbell at Free People. These are so out of my price range but I want them in the khaki color so bad! Cirque/Jeannie Vianney Collaboration "Coronation". This color is amazeballs and the ring is gorgeous- a little steep price-wise but I am considering splurging anyway. Cult Nails "Disillusion". A black jelly with magenta mylar shreds. Eeeek!! I gotta have it!!