Ghostbusters Slimer Nails

Howdy gang! Halloween is usually my favorite holiday, but this year I seem to have lost my Halloween mojo. I've been feeling more "fall-inspired" than Halloween inspired as of late. But I couldn't let the holiday pass without doing something. So I sat myself down and to do at least one Halloween-themed bit of nail art this year. I was feeling very "meh" about my ideas when something really random and awesome popped into my head: Slimer from Ghostbusters! 

I used two colors, nail polish thinner and a nail art brush to achieve this look. I started by painting my nails with one generous coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black. I then added a fast dry top coat. Once dry I mixed Sally Hansen Lickety Split Lime and a bit of thinner and applied it onto my nails in light strokes with my brush. I finished with another layer of top coat. 

I really love how these turned out. They kind of remind me of grunge nails since the technique is pretty much the same. I want to try this again with other color combos. What do you all think? Do these remind you of  Slimer from Ghostbusters?