Color Club Girl About Town Fall Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Thursday eve folks! It's a dreary rainy day here in Chi-town. Fall has officially arrived after playing hide and seek here for the past three weeks. Honestly, I'm just happy that we finally have a season. Leaving for work when it 45 degrees and coming home and it's 70 degrees made it really hard to figure out what to wear everyday!

Today I have four of the six colors from Color Club's fall Girl About Town Collection. I actually would have brought all six except they were sold out of the two other colors at my nail supply shop. The other two colors are pastels; a peachy cream and a lilac cream. If I manage to get my hands on them I will definitely post them. In the mean time I have my four personal favorites to show you. Pics and review after the jump.

First up is Silver Lake. This is a grey/blue/white cream. It really depends on what light you are in. for the pic above I took the photo half in direct light and half in indirect light and as you can see it looks white and blue/gray. I love it! It kind of reminds me a bit of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Wall. One of those whites that looks great on everyone and isn't too stark white. The application on this one was amazing. Although I used two coats I could have easily gotten away with just one. It self-leveled nicely with no streak or patches, which can be hard to come by with light colors like this. 

Next up is Pearl District. I wasn't sure how I felt about this one in the bottle and almost didn't buy it. I'm glad I did though because I really love the way it looks on the nail. Color Club describes it as a Tiger's Eye shade and I think that sums up the color perfectly. This is another one that I think would look great on various skin tones. I've seen swatches on pale skin and it looks just as great. The formulas was on the thin side; I needed three thin coats for full opacity. I would also caution you to wait a bit between coats since this has a tendency to drag if you don't let the first coat dry a bit. 

Williamsburg is a stunner/ A gorgeous deep blue with blue shimmer throughout. In low light this looks like a pretty metallic blue, but when the light hits it? Gorgeousness! Application was flawless. I used two coats for the pics and I had zero application issues. And - it didn't stain my nails! Blue polish and I have a love/hate relationship because of that very issue so I was really excited and impressed when I took this off and had no stains on my nails.

And last but not least is the polish that prompted me to buy this collection. The Uptown is a gorgeous purple jelly-based flakie. Really all you would have had to say to me is flakie and I would have been all over this anyway but the color is amazeballs. Because this is a jelly it is pretty sheer, but I only needed three coats for opacity. I noticed when I was editing the pics that it still looks a bit sheer but in real life it looked completely opaque. Again absolutely no application issues.

 I am really impressed with this collection. I don't actually own very many Color Clubs ( I think I owned only two before this and they were both glitter toppers), so this was my first experience with their various formulas. I loved the color palette they chose as well - my favorite so far of the fall collections.

Color Club polish retails for $8 . I'm not quite sure where you can buy it in stores (I got mine from a small local nail supply shop), but you can purchase directly from the Color Club website.