Adventures in Stamping: Black Base

I haven't done an Adventures in Stamping post in over a year. The truth is I don't stamp much and when I do I always forget to double check what the AiS theme is for that Sunday. For those that are unfamiliar with Adventures in Stamping, it is a Facebook group that is dedicated to the love of stamping. On Sundays there is a theme that everyone posts on the Group page and/or blog. Since I got my new Bundle Monster set I've been experiencing a re-awakened love for stamping and decided to give this week's theme a go. Our theme for today is stamping on a black base. I knew exactly what image from my new plates I wanted to use!

I used my favorite plate from the set, which I showed you all in this post last week, BM Plate 415. Cog wheels and gears - so adorable!! I used both gold and silver for the image. This was my first time doing multi-color stamping and it was actually really easy.  I used NY & Co Millionaire and Wet N' Wild Metallica as my stamping polishes. My base is The Balm I Take My Coffee Matte Black.

Love the way this turned out! It's slightly steampunk-ish.  I can't wait to try out the other images on the plate as well.