Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 28 - Inspired By a Designer

I made it! I wasn't sure if Day 28 was actually going to get posted on Day 28. I hung out with my little brother most of the day and was having fun! We watched Star Trek Into Darkness and ate pizza. My love for Benedict Cumberbatch has only grown - he is so great in that movie! I'm not a Star Trek person but I really enjoyed the film. I think it was way better than the first- we I couldn't actually get through because I found it boring. 

Today's prompt is inspired by a Designer. I love fashion and have done an entire series devoted to my love of it. But I had zero inspiration for this one. I went back and looked at old pics I still on my Pinterest account that I had almost used for my 10 Days of Couture Series earlier this year. I settled on this one. Zuhair Murad is an amazing designer and the detailing on his dresses are amazing and lend themselves perfectly to nail art.
I used two colors and my detailing brush for this design. I started by using two coats of China Glaze Nude. I then used Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Lick-O-Rich and painted the base of my nails. I used my detailing brush to create the branches. 
My inspiration.