Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 25 - Inspired by A Memory

This one stumped me for a bit. I started thinking of memories that could translate into nail art but kept coming up blank. Last night while falling asleep it came to me (all of my best ideas and genius moments come right as I'm going asleep or waking up): my fur babies!! 

My cats Finnegan (Finn) and Declan are the lights of my life. I utterly adore them and am more than a little bit obsessed with them. When friends of mine show me pics of their babies I pull up pictures of them. They came into my life at the perfect time. Five months prior to my adopting them I lost my cat of fifteen years, Patches. Six days before my birthday, no less. I didn't even know if I wanted to adopt anymore pets, but I missed having something to take care of. I would walk by the cat food aisle in stores and automatically walk down them and then remember that I didn't have a cat to feed anymore.  It really was fate and destiny that brought them into my life: I was perusing Petfinder looking at the adorable cats and landed on a picture of a kitten that I thought was adorable. I looked at the pic for awhile but then got sad because he reminded me so much of Patches. His name was Dunn. His brother Brooks (yup, Brooks and Dunn!) was in a separate pic right below him. But I kept scrolling and landed on the pic of another cat that I fell in love with. So much so that I made an appointment to meet her that weekend. We met- it wasn't a love match. She was adorable but adopting a pet is an instinctual thing and I didn't feel any connection with her. Marie Claire, the woman at the shelter, invited me to look at the cats up for adoption. Which- duh a house full of adorable cats? Yes, please!

Still, nothing. I was actually on my way out when we passed a small room and I asked who was in there. She said, "The kittens. We have two brothers named Brooks and Dunn in there." I remembered seeing them and of course curiosity got the better of me and I asked to see them. Dunn was tiny for his age (7 months) and immediately crawled into my arms. We looked into each others eyes and that was it. Instant love. Marie Claire pointed out his much bigger twin brother, Brooks. Who was in his own little world in the middle of the floor with all the toys around him. He wouldn't even look up at me. But again - instant love. Marie Claire told me that they were a package deal. They would not split them apart. I said okay, "I'll take them" Just like that. The next weekend they were home with me. Two and a half years later they are still a team. They fight and wrestle like brothers do, but they also cuddle and care for each other. I changed their names: Dunn is now Declan and Brooks is Finn. Much better names IMO. Declan is a complete cuddle bear and Finn is my fluff ball that really only cares about food. And the occasional cuddle when he's in the mood.

For this design I used Colour Gossip Baby Bump as my base color. I them used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and my dotting to create Finn and Declan and the paw prints and hearts. The detailing was done with Nails, Inc Hampstead Gardens.

A close-up of the boys :)


My boys in real life. Finn is on the left and Declan on the right. They're so adorable I can't stand it!